Opportunities for SA business as 20 Turkish automotive manufacturers schedule talks

The upcoming mission will focus on automotive components, parts, modules and systems, which are among Turkey’s most significant manufactured goods exports

A delegation of 20 leading Turkish manufacturers of automotive parts and spares will seek to improve trade with South African importers, wholesalers and retailers, when they participate in the first virtual business to business trade meeting in South Africa early next month.

Turkish trade with South Africa is on the rise, as manufacturers of a broad range of goods seek new partnerships with South African business. Bilateral trade between Turkey and South Africa totalled $1.3 billion in 2019, and Turkey is seeking to grow its trade volumes in Africa, particularly as the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA) comes into effect.

Turkey’s manufactured goods, recognised globally for their quality and durability, are priced competitively and developed in line with global standards. In recent years, manufacturers and exporters of textiles, kitchenware, electronic goods, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and cooling, and other industrial products have carried out a number of successful trade missions to South Africa, to forge partnerships with local businesses.

The upcoming mission will focus on automotive components, parts, modules and systems, which are among Turkey’s most significant manufactured goods exports. With a 60-year history of automotive manufacture, Turkey now produces over 1,3 million vehicles per year – over 70% of them for export around the world. Turkey’s automotive industry now has over 6,700 manufacturers, making it one of Turkish manufacturing’s main driving forces which has been Turkey’s export champion for the past fifteen years. In 2020, the sector’s annual export volume totalled US$25,5 billion.

Because Turkey’s automotive supplier industry companies have played a role as a “co-designer” alongside global automotive industry players, they have developed extensive industry experience and know-how. Through ongoing modernisation and partnerships with more than 200 foreign investors and key international vehicle manufacturers, Turkey’s automotive manufacturers deliver innovation and product excellence, aligned with global European Union product and environmental standards, and international certifications (including ISO 9002, QS 9000 and ISO 14000).

Manufacturers participating in the upcoming virtual trade meetings, hosted by the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), will feature producers of some of Turkey’s top exported spare parts products, such as engine parts, tyres and tubes, accessories for bodies, rubber parts, road wheels and parts and transmission and crank shafts. Also participating in the meetings will be producers of brake parts, trailer parts, clamps, clutches, flywheels, filters, thermoplastic compounds, engine and other automotive oils, commercial vehicle spares, springs, pistons, electric and air horns, lighting bulbs, seals and rubber components, and a full range of auto spare parts for European car models.

South African automotive importers and retailers are invited to schedule meetings with the Turkish delegates, to discuss partnership opportunities.



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