JK Tyres Launches SMART TYRE Range

The Smart Tyre technology allows for early detection of issues and deployment of timely preventive measures to avoid them and also delivers higher fuel efficiency up to 4-5% leading to a reduction in carbon emission

Raghupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director, JK Tyres, with the newly unveiled Fuel-Saver Tyre

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd has launched its new SMART TYRE range at the Auto Expo 2020. A first-of-its-kind cloud-based monitoring system; Smart Tyres warrants maintenance of tyres through timely diagnostics by using sensors integrated with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). The sensors thus augment updates on tyre health via multiple digital platforms like the company’s indigenous TREEL Care app and web page.

The Smart Tyre technology allows for early detection of issues and deployment of timely preventive measures to avoid them and also delivers higher fuel efficiency up to 4-5% leading to a reduction in carbon emission. In addition, through this technology, the tyre life is enhanced thereby minimizing operational expenses, the company said.

Monitoring all aspects of the tyre, Smart Tyre screens tyre’s vital statistics, including pressure and temperature. The information collected by this smart monitoring system is relayed on a real-time basis to the vehicle owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth on a mobile application. Additionally, sensor-enabled technology helps the customers maintain optimal tyre pressure, which not only helps the environment but also provides better safety on the road.

The Smart Tyre technology is compatible with cars, bikes and trucks/buses. It is available in three variants for cars- Smart Tyre Sensor Car Kit: Valve, MTrac Smart Sensor Car & Truck Kit: Valve and MPower Smart Sensor Car Kit: Valve. Similarly, it is available in two variants for bikes- Smart Tyre Sensor Bike Kit: Belt and MTrac Smart Sensor Bike Kit: Belt.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director said, “JK Tyre has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Being the market leaders in the Indian tyre industry, we have once again lived up to our leadership role by delivering ‘Smart Tyre’ – an extension to our promise of providing advanced mobility solutions to our customers. This technology provides an enhanced value proposition to vehicle owners, particularly fleets, by reducing their operational costs. Along with this, we have also showcased our new range of concept tyres here at the Auto Expo and we have a roadmap laid in front of us, as we plan to move ahead with a number of new products including some breakthrough innovations this year.”

Concept Tyre Zone:

Along with the launch of Smart Tyre Technology, the company also showcased an exciting array of concept tyres at the Auto Expo 2020:

Puncture Proof Tyres

Punctures are common on Indian roads. This unfortunate situation that can jeopardize a driver’s safety. Tyre puncture repair is a tedious task and to address this issue, JK Tyre has introduced Puncture Resistant Technology. A concept developed for cars and two-wheelers, the Puncture-proof tyre has unique sealants forming a protective layer which repairs punctures automatically thereby ensuring a hassle-free and safe drive.

EV Tyre

The electric vehicle industry in India is evolving and JK Tyre is ready to cater to the needs of the EV industry. These next-gen tyres have an optimized tread pattern which is ideal for Electric vehicles. Loaded with features like Low Rolling Resistance, low noise emission and superior wet traction, these EV Tyres offer a greener and environment-friendly drive.

Colored Tyre

One of the most attractive and eye-catching product from the JK Tyre stable, these colored tyres are for the auto freaks who do not think conventional. These colored tyres are made from the specially formulated colored rubber compound and are available for Cars and Two Wheelers.

Fuel Saver Tyre

The next generation of fuel-efficient tires-the XF series is built on the cutting edge advanced JETOCT technology, which helps improve tyre efficiency by saving up to 8% fuel in comparison to normal radial tyres.

Tubeless Radials

Designed to meet the emerging needs of the Indian fleets, these Tubeless Radial Tyres for Trucks and Buses are developed with a new silica compound, which provides longer life, fuel savings and lower cost of operations.


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