Right-Hand Drive Tesla Model 3 now available for order

The Model 3 is offered just as everywhere else, in three variants

Four months after the Tesla Model 3 became available on the mainland European continent, people driving on the wrong side of the road across the channel have the chance to order the model tailored to their needs and habits. Tesla’s UK configurator went live, opening whole new markets for the American carmaker: right-hand drive countries.

In the UK, the Model 3 is offered just as everywhere else, in three variants. The entry-level is the rear-wheel-drive Standard Range Plus, which sells starting from £38,050. Two variants of the dual-motor are available, the Long Range and Performance, selling for £47,050 and £56,050, respectively.

As said, those are only starting prices, as the long list of options vastly increases the price of the car. These options range from the exterior color (five options are available) to the interior trim (two variants are on the table), but the most expensive extra is the Self-Driving suite, which costs £4,900 when ordered with the car. That’s a bargain, considering the price is £6,800 as an after delivery upgrade.

A fully loaded Model 3 Performance – one which includes both Autopilot and Full-Self Driving features – will set British customers back £64,650.

Regardless of the model chosen, customers will have to make a down payment and then wait for the cars to be delivered starting June. That is only one month from now, just to give you an idea of how much the carmaker evolved in this respect in the past year.

On the rest of the European continent, the cheapest place to get your hands on the Tesla Model 3 is France, where the entry level starts at 53,500 EUR and the top of the range at 64,300 EUR. The most expensive Model 3s are sold in Finland – 60,500 EUR for the entry level and 71.700 EUR for the top of the range.


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