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Sizing a diesel generator is not a simple task when you get to larger sizes

Diesel Generators in Welland Power UK Factory
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How big is yours? How big do you need it to be? When is big too big? When is small too small? All these questions apply to so many things, but they certainly apply to diesel generators, where size really matters.

This article will simply help you to try and get it correct. Its best to spend a little while choosing the correct product, otherwise you may find you have issues later on which will cause your time and cost you money. Sizing a diesel generator is not a simple task when you get to larger sizes. You can use sizing tools to determine which products to use, or better hire and expert who can assist you in selecting the correct product. Too large and you will encounter issues around low load; too small and your equipment won’t function correctly.

Welland Power Diesel Generators

Once it is sized, you or your export will decide which rating is most appropriate for your application. Is Continuous Power,  Standby Power, Limited Time Power or Prime Power? Each rating as defined in ISO 8528-1 offers a power rating and load profile to suit specific needs. Checking on the profile of your machine is key to ensuring you have the correct generator for your application and your dealer will be able to advise on this.

If you need small or large generators in east Africa, Rift Valley Machinery Services is an ideal business to advise on your power needs, having previously supplied power to over 500 premises, including two Welland diesel generators that are still functioning nearly 20 years later in Teleposta Towers. Teleposta Towers is the Third tallest building in Nairobi, Kenya. It is 120 metres in height.  Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communications and Ministry of Trade are based in the building.


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